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In the 1960's,when Korea began its economic drive,SK Lubricants founded Korea first oil refinery and helped fuel the nation's industrial progress. Our facility expansion in the 1970's contributed to the operation of upstream and downstream industries and the launching of Korea's petrochemical industry. The 1980's and the 1990's were decades of high growth that made us one of Korea's largest providers of energy and chemical products.

With the advent of the digital, communications and internet revolutions in the last decade, we converged all our resources to adapt to these trends. In the meantime, we nurtured new businesses so they could establish firm ground.

Behind our 45-year history has always been the tremendous support of our customers, who have helped make us what we are today. In appreciation of their support, we fully implemented a new vision being a customer-centered marketing company. The convergence of energy, chemical and new businesses has reinforced our competitiveness and synergy.