At SK Institute of Technology (SKIT), we find our motivation for innovation from constantly seeking new ideas for a better future. Our goal is to develop products and technologies best in tune with customer needs and market trends. To that end, our work starts from fully understanding the marketplace and accurately identifying customer needs. The 561,986 m2 SKIT (Ja-Young Koo, Chief), located within Deaduk Science Town, is home to 380 researchers. This dedicated and passionate research team is driving the advancement in Korea's energy and petrochemical industry by listening to customers and delivering solutions.

SKIT is at the forefront of change with innovation and originality. It is the cornerstone of SK's technology innovation, which has been reinforcing our infrastructure businesses and creating future growth engines.

We are working tirelessly to deliver new value to customers. Our efforts include providing clean and convenient energy through petrochemical and new energy research, building the foundation for an IT-based society through cutting-edge new material development, and developing future technologies for new growth.
SK UCO Lube process originally developed by SK R&D center is the unique process of full integrations of fuel hydrocracking and catalytic wax isomerization process. SK registered this technology with the patent office in 23 countries. SK UCO lube process produces VHVI base oil called YUBASE. World famous lubricants manufacturers purchase our YUBASE and use YUBASE as base oil for high performance products.

The characteristics of YUBASE are inherent high viscosity index, excellent oxidation stability and low oil consumption due to very severe hydroprocessing. Recent high performance lubricants are mainly based on VHVI base oil like YUBASE. To maintain our leadership in base oil business, many facilities including pilot plants are used for developing and testing base oils and base oil processes.