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The API have established five Base Oil groups based on following indices.
Base Oil Category Sulfur(%)   Saturates(%) Viscosity Index
Group I > 0.03 and/or < 90 80 to 120
Group II ≤ 0.03 and ≥ 90 80 to 120
Group III ≤ 0.03 and ≥ 90 ≥ 120
Group IV All PolyAlphaOlefins (PAOs)
Group V All others not included in Groups I,II,III or IV
All YUBASE (with exception of YUBASE-3 and YUBASE-L3 both of which are Group II because their Viscosity
                   Index is below 120) are Group III category because:

Viscosity Index is above Group III limit of minimum of 120
Sulfur is typically below 10 ppm, below Group Ⅳ maximum of 0.03%
Saturates are typically 99%, above the Group III minimum of 90%
A convenient rule of thumb for classifying API Categories is :
Group I : Base oils produced by solvent extraction/solvent dewaxing
Group II : Base oils produced by severe hydrotreating
Group III : Base oils produced by hydrocracking and/or wax isomerization

YUBASE can be classified in many ways depending on the manufacturing process and products characteristics :

- Group III Base Oil
- VHVI Base Oils (applies to base oils with Viscosity Index above 120)
- Hydrocracked Base Oil
- UCBO (UnConventional Base Oils) This usually applies to base oils with characteristics superior to API
       Group II base oils.