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Lube Base Oil mostly has Hydrocarbon compounds of 20-45 carbon number and can be classified into 4 primary types: Paraffins, Napthenes or Cycloparaffins, Aromatics and Heteroatom compounds. Heteroatom Compounds contain in addition to compound sulfur, oxygen and nitrogen. These compounds are removed because they tend to result in base oil instability or low viscosity index.

The Vacuum Distillation Unit separates the oil into the desired viscosity grades of Hydrocarbon compounds group between 20 and 38 carbon number which we call lube distillates.

Iso-Dewaxing uses a catalyst to convert waxy materials into isoparaffins. This results in higher yield, lower pour point and higher VI.

Hydrofinishing involves treating the base oils with hydrogen which removes 1~3 ring Aromatic compounds.